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Featured on the 2019 Supplier Engagement Leaderboard

Constantia Flexibles has been identified as a global leader for engaging with suppliers on climate change

In addition to making it to the CDP Climate A List, Constantia Flexibles has been identified as a global leader for engaging with its suppliers on climate change, being awarded a position on the Supplier Engagement Leaderboard by the global environmental impact non-profit organization CDP.

Constantia Flexibles has been recognized for its actions and strategies to reduce emissions and manage climate risks in its supply chain in the past reporting year. Over 4,800 companies in total were given a Supplier Engagement Rating, based on answers to selected questions about governance, targets, scope 3 emissions, and value chain engagement of their response to the CDP 2019 climate change questionnaire and their overall CDP climate change score.

Constantia Flexibles is one of almost 160 companies on the Leaderboard this year. 

The Supplier Engagement Leaderboard is available on CDP’s website. It follows on from CDP’s most recent supply chain report, Changing the Chain, which showed the vast potential for driving climate action at scale in the supply chain.

CDP is a global non-profit that runs the world’s leading environmental disclosure platform. In 2019, over 8,400 companies disclosed environmental data through CDP at the request of 125 major purchasing organizations with US$3.6 trillion in purchasing spend, and 525 investors with US$96 trillion in assets, making it the gold standard in corporate environmental reporting. 

For more information on our score, please contact Dr. Thomas Greigeritsch, Vice President Group Sustainability.