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Blister Eco: A new perspective!

Blister Eco also has something to offer in terms of sustainability

Blister Eco was introduced to the market this year. It represents a very high-quality alternative to a large range of products that is – as the name says – also very inexpensive. On the other side there is Coldform Foil, for which no alternatives exist – at least when a 100% barrier is required for sensitive contents or medical products.

The product highlights of this year include both Safemax and the highly versatile Blister Eco. Blister Eco consists of tissue paper with a basis weight of 21 g/m² laminated with a 7 µm aluminum layer. This makes it significantly less expensive than the standard blister lidding foil with 20 µm of aluminum. The heat sealing coatings of both products are identical. In addition, Blister Eco features outstanding printability and is especially suited for UV printing.

Blister Eco may have been developed for use on mono-PVC blisters, but it can also be used without compromise for the water vapor barrier for PVC/PVdC blisters. The water-vapor barrier of Blister Eco is five times better than an unformed PVC200/PVdC60 base foil. In other words, Blister Eco can be used in many applications, not least thanks to the significant cost savings over a standard lidding foil since Eco foil structure is 23% lighter. It can be used, for instance, for products in the pharmaceutical industry or for consumable products like chewing gum.  

Blister Eco also has something to offer in terms of sustainability. For example, the use of paper as a renewable resource and the reduction of the heat sealing coating from 7  to 5 g/m², compared with standard blister lidding foils. With the reduced use of aluminum, the customers of Constantia Flexibles are better protected against the price fluctuation of this raw material.

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Contact: Cora Helberg