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Who we are

Constantia Teich is the largest company within the European flexible packaging industry and has the highest sales in the Group. Furthermore Constantia Teich is the largest employer in the region (Pielach valley in Lower Austria, about 60 km west of Vienna) and is number 1 in the world in lid production.

Some key data (2017)
-    880 employees (960 people)
-    € 391 m turnover
-    1.1 bn m2 aluminium foils
-    67,000 t packaging foils

How everything began: Click here to get to video.

What we do
Constantia Teich has the only rolling mill within the Group and supplies aluminum foil (input stock) to the market as well as Group companies. With the raw materials of aluminum, plastic and paper, we cover the entire value creation chain for internal production of flexible packaging materials – from the rolling and printing to final production.

Our technologies

Which industries we serve
We supply the dairy, food, confectionery and animal feed industries as well as international pharmaceutical customers.

Some of our products


  • In-house lacquer production – second largest lacquer production in Austria. The produced lacquers are used almost exclusively for our in-house finishing.
  • Modern R&D Department: State of the art laboratory, analytic laboratory, compound development and co-extrusion coating, Group coordination with Regulatory Affairs
  • Custom-made product and service solutions for our customers at the highest level
  • Customer University – information for our customers for a better understanding of the work processes.

Environment – what is important?  
By use of state-of-the-art technology, optimization of our machinery and our programs to avoid waste and emissions we take responsibility for our environment far beyond legal standards.

Some examples:

  1. Stakeholders - We adhere to all legal regulations concerning environment, safety, trade law and energy.
  2. Employees - We offer trainings and continuing education
  3. Research & Development - Protection of resources by innovation and product developments
  4. Production Process Input - Reduction of resources by increase of productivity
  5. Production Process Output - Disposal of solvent based exhaust air by RTO-facilities, recovery of energy approx. 35.000 MWH p.a.
  6. 100 percent of alu-waste is recycled
  7. 88 percent of total waste is delivered to thermal and material utilization

Strict quality control is realized by means of state-of-the-art equipment and procedures. Constantia Teich is certified ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management), BRC Pack and FDA/IMS (Hygiene management). Furthermore we dedicate ourselves to environment protection and are ISO14001 certified.

See Certificates and Letters of Conformity

Fun facts about our plant:

  • Aluminum foil containers: If we stacked all the bowls produced at Constantia Teich in 2017, the stack would reach a height of roughly 49,000 kilometers. This corresponds to a trip around the world with a few detours as well...
  • An aluminum roll for processing in the rolling plant has a maximum weight of 11.5 t. That’s about as heavy as two elephants.



Mühlhofen 4
A-3205 Weinburg
T +43 2747 700 - 0
F +43 2747 8435
Firmenbuchgericht: Landesgericht 3100 St. Pölten, Austria

Firmenbuchnummer: 92993f