CONSTANTIA Retail Sachet

Packaging foil for retail sachets.

Extends shelf life with high resistance against a variety of cosmetic products.




Also available as a 4 layer composite or as a metalized 3 layer composite.

  • Guarantees long shelf life
  • Capablities for very small to very big production lots

Further material compositions:

  • PET – aluminum – CPP
  • PET – OPP met  – PE 




High Chemical Resistance


  • Chemical resistant laminate structures
  • Special sealing layers
  • Special adhesives
  • Alternative for products packed in Alu tubes
  • Suitable for Solar Protection Formulas, hair dyes, ethanol etc.

Further material compositions:

  • Promotional Sachet:

     PET – aluminum – PET – PE

  • Retail Sachet:

     PET – aluminum – sealing medium






  • Unique peel-seal characteristics
  • Customized solutions depending on barrier needs
  • Product can be prepared just before using


Further material compositions:

  • PET – adhesive – PET high barrier – adhesive – PE
  • PET – adhesive – aluminum – adhesive - PE






  • Unique peel/seal characteristics with breathability for duo chamber sachets
  • Laminate for products which degas over time
  • Suitable for two component mixtures which   need differential barriers


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