Pressure Sensitive Labels... Now Recyclable and Affordable.

With SpearRC® you can have it all – low cost, high impact pressure sensitive labels that improve your brand’s environmental footprint.

SpearRC® Benefits

Same advantages as standard pressure sensitive labels

  • Premium and impactful look
  • Supports complex label shapes
  • Increases productivity


  • Near cost parity with current pressure sensitive labels

100% Recyclable

  • Recognized by the APR and EPBP as fully compatible with the PET recycling process
  • Proprietary adhesive, film, and ink detach cleanly from the bottle so there is never contamination
  • Improves brand’s environmental status


  • Easily swapped into your current pressure sensitive label lines
  • Available in clear, white and metalized film materials

      Why SpearRC®?

        In 2013, 600 billion pounds of plastic was produced.  That’s equivalent to 1,782 20-oz plastic bottles for each of the 7.125 billion people in the world.  With the use of plastics at an all-time high, recycling is more important than ever.  

        As recycling grows, a new problem has emerged – contamination.  In the U.S., for example, 28% of all PET collected for recycling was contaminated, meaning it was not able to be recycled back into food-grade PET.  The main reason for this contamination is bottle labels.  Most pressure sensitive labels are contaminants due to adhesives not detaching cleanly and inks bleeding into the wash.

        Constantia Flexibles has been working with the Association of Postconsumer Plastics Recycling (APR) for over a decade to create a pressure sensitive label that doesn’t contaminate the recycling process.  In 2003, we were awarded the APR’s “Partner for Change Award” for creating a pressure sensitive label that was compatible with the PET recycling process. 

        At the time, however, the material was cost-prohibitive to most customers.  Continued development, including sourcing our own material and creating a lower cost adhesive, has resulted in SpearRC®, a cost-effective pressure sensitive label that is recognized by the APR and the European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) to be fully compatible with the PET recycling process.  Now you can have it all – low cost, high impact pressure sensitive labels that improve your brand’s environmental footprint.

        There are many SpearRC® labels on shelves now. A few of our clients:



        EPBP has approved SpearRC for up to 10% of the total European PET bottle usage


        Recognized by:



        “The market has been seeking such a solution for numerous years. Building off our unique relationships with industry leaders and our ever evolving knowledge of pressure sensitive materials, with SpearRC® we are able to formally announce a near cost parity solution that will change the PET bottling landscape.”
        Rick Fearn, Vice President, Research and Development, Constantia Flexibles
        “Constantia Flexibles Labels Division, an APR member, is a supplier of pressure sensitive film labels that have employed our Pressure Sensitive Label Critical Guidance Document to demonstrate that their SpearRC® label technologies meet the strictest test result guidance contained in protocol.  Test data confirms their SpearRC labels have negligible impact on recycling.”
        John Standish, Association of Postconsumer Plastics Recyclers (APR), Technical Director

        "Choosing recyclable material was an obvious choice for us, and a prerequisite when looking for a suitable material.  Constantia Flexibles has offered great help and expertise in identifying suitable materials, optimizing the design and achieving a great end result.”
        Farris Group Manager, Christine Nygaard-Andersen

        SpearRC® in the News

        What does the press have to say?

        “We are dedicated to finding solutions”

        Expert Interview with Rick Fearn, Vice President of Research and Development