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Platines with Potential

High-Performance, innovative lids for a wide variety of uses

The ever broader variety of dairy products on the shelf together with more convenience-oriented packaging solutions for customers has set the scene for the development of CO-EX die-cut lids with many different product properties. Extrusion coating has many advantages, such as:

  • Up to 50% material reduction with cost savings
  • A wide range of sealing temperatures from 200-280 °C
  • Good sealing properties
  • If UV flexo printed: a solvent-free product solution

The development of individual die-cut lidding solutions together with our clients has proven that the Constantia Flexibles innovation process has the potential for milestone products for brand owners. And not only that: These innovations have earned many awards, including the renowned World Star Award.

The latest innovations in this product range are:

Die Cut 2020 with the following benefits: A CO-EXtrusion coated die-cut lid composed of a thin aluminum layer as thin as almost 20 µm and a proprietary Constantia Flexibles CO-EXtrusion coating. Sealable against PP cups. Available embossed or fully unembossed.

Comfor Lid with the following benefits: A double-layer die-cut lid composed of one aluminum layer and a CO-EXtrusion plastic layer. The consumer peels off the aluminum layer; the plastic layer with the precisely positioned individual opening stays on the cup. The individual opening in the plastic layer is created with a laser. Sealing on PP cups or HDPE bottles.

PPPeel or PP Hotfill with the following benefits: This is an aluminum die-cut lid innovation with a Constantia Flexibles proprietary CO-EXtrusion coating sealing against PP as well as hotfill requirements.

In addition to the above-mentioned CO-EX die-cut lids, co-extrusion is also used for Constantia glass sealing – we can make it work!

Contact: Peter Stieböck