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Global Trend: Espresso Capsules

Meeting the global trend of espresso drinking with a wide range of materials for liddings and sachets.


The invention of the coffee capsule has revolutionized coffee drinking, fuelling the increasing popularity of one of the most distinctive beverages available - the small but strong black coffee known as the “espresso”.

Meeting this global trend in coffee preparation, Constantia Flexibles now offers a wide range of:

Lacquered aluminium / coated aluminum / plastic materials for lidding of coffee capsules suitable to be used in Nespresso (*) and other coffee machines plastic materials laminates used for the preparation of the sachets to improve the coffee protection used for protecting the capsules.

Products other than coffee are also available, like tea and dietary supplements. Want to find out more about Constantia and it´s innovation? Find more product details at our website!

Brand owner benefits:


  • Constantia provides the lid and the sachets (system selling)
  • Lidding materials available for PP and PBT (high barrier) capsule
  • Possibility of embossing the lidding with any design
  • Possibility of printing
  • Runs on all existing packaging machines

Consumer Benefits:


  • Convenience of easy coffee making
  • Possibility of choosing a wide range of coffee machines

(*) The trademark is not the property of Constantia Flexibles or other related companies.

Each kind of coffee solution brings unique packaging requirements. At Constantia Flexibles, we work with our customers to provide the best packaging for your particular products. Please contact us for a more detailed exploration of your needs!

Your Constantia Flexibles Team wishes you a nice summer!

Paolo Battiston