A short overview of our history

Date History
1920 Establishment of Aluminiumfolienwalzwerk Hueck & Cie. by Oskar Eduard Hueck.
1921-1929 Start of foil conversion in the form of lacquering, single-colour printing, embossing, wax and glue lamination. First shipments to dairies in the region, the chocolate industry and other food producers.
1930-1939 Following the Depression, further expansion and investments in new buildings and machinery. First shipments to other European countries and overseas.
1940-1949 After an interruption caused by Second World War, start-up of production and investment in the first solvent-recovery plant in this branch of industry worldwide.
1950-1959 Introduction of gravure printing process and expansion of capacity for flexo printing. First heat-sealable lidding for the dairy industry and increased production of packaging for Easter bunnies and Father Christmases.
1960-1969 Integration of in-house cylinder manufacturing and introduction of electronically controlled engraving for gravure printing. Shipments to new markets such as the drinks industry and supply of pouches for foodstuffs and coffee to food producers. Growth in exports to the USA and Asia.
1970-1979 Commercial manufacture of industrial machinery developed in-house for printing, lacquering and lamination plants. Integration of electronically controlled laser engraving into the manufacture of flexo-printing cylinders. Establishment of HUECK FOLIEN Ges.m.b.H in Austria (Engineered Industrial Films).
1980-1989 Establishment of HUECK FOILS, Inc. in the USA (a marketing, sales and service company; 1989). Further expansion via an electronically controlled distribution centre.
1990-1999 Structuring and clear organisation of the company into business units. Establishment of additional and new production plants and extensive investment in the Pirkmühle manufacturing facility:Start-up of a new production unit in Pirkmühle with a high-performance gravure printing press for the Flexibles division (1992). Establishment of the HUECK FOLIE s.r.o. sales subsidiary in the Czech Republic and HUECK FOLIEN Emballages Flexibles in France (1994). Expansion of the Pharmaceuticals division via the takeover of FROMM Pharmafolien GmbH and Helioflex in Belgium (1996). Commissioning of a new production facility in the USA by HUECK FOILS, L.L.C. (1997). Investment in a fully automated production line for rotogravure-cylinder manufacture (1998).
2000 Expansion of marketing activities in South America. Establishment of the HUECK FOLIEN S.A. sales subsidiary in Argentina.1970-1979
2003 Expansion of production capacity in the Pharmaceuticals/Healthcare field as a result of investment.
2004 Start-up of new in-house lacquer production facility integrated into the production line.
2006 Investment in UV flexo-printing technology rounds off printing technologies available.
2007 Packaging business of HUECK FOLIEN becomes part of the Constantia Flexibles. Opening of the Constantia Hueck Folien S.R.L. production plant in Uruguay.
2009 Opening of Pharma Center II.
2011 Installation of 12-coulors gravure printing press with inline lamination.
2012 Installation of 10-coulors gravure printing press.