Product Safety

Our approach


  • Safe use and safe consumption (authenticity and temper evidence)
  • Product protection and shelf life extension
  • Minimizing undesired interaction between packaging and product




The SafeFamily by Constantia Flexibles offers several different features to protect your brand from counterfeiting. Moreover, it protects the customer from consuming fake drugs & products.
  • Protects your brand
  • Protects the customer
  • Various technologies available
  • Holograms with IHMA certification
  • Designed according to every need




FoldAdLam by Constantia Flexibles is a specially in house developed wax free laminate which can be applied for all wrapping applications which need good deadfold properties.
  • No analytical false positive findings of MOSH/MOAH originating from waxes
  • Individual adhesive development - depending on the application / on the packaging machine
  • Perfect deadfold properties
  • No usage of wax – reduction of grammages
  • Better bond strength in comparison to wax
  • Usable for aluminum laminates (paper, film)



Watch our video clip featuring Brand Protection:

Vision: Zero harm to consumers by our packaging