The future continues to look bright for the inhalation market. Companies in both the branded and generic segments are benefiting from increasing demand for inhaled drugs and innovative delivery technologies.

Inhalation products are typically used to treat lung diseases and reduce inflammation of the respiratory system. However in the future new treatment areas are expected to emerge, such as pulmonary delivery of medication for diabetes or the central nervous system.

When it comes to inhaled drugs, proper packaging is key. The method of delivery through the user’s lungs places unique demands on the inhalation device. The active ingredients are highly sensitive, so the device must provide excellent protection – whether it’s a pressurized metered-dose or dry powder inhaler.

Constantia Flexibles offers a variety of primary packaging solutions, including coldform base materials and peelable lidding foils that are carefully engineered to suit our customers’ requirements. CONSTANTIA Safemax is one of our key secondary packaging products. This sealed aluminum container protects sensitive devices against moisture during global distribution. Our range of laminates also helps to increase the protection of pharmaceutical products and devices. They can also be upgraded with a desiccant layer if necessary.

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