Constantis Flexibles continues to make headway in the inhalation segment with its third successful appearance at the Drug Delivery to the Lungs (DDL) conference in Edinburgh. 

The annual event was attended by 500 delegates representing not only universities and pharmaceutical companies, but also machine manufacturers, developers, laboratories and component suppliers. This broad mix of participants enabled us to network and follow up leads with various industry stakeholders. 

New trends in the inhalation segment include a shift towards electronics, such as smart devices featuring integrated Bluetooth technology. Patient safety and adherence was another key theme. Too many patients still administer their medication incorrectly, prompting demand for more straightforward delivery methods.

Since our first visit to DDL, Constantis Flexibles has actively collaborated with several new partners we have met in Edinburgh and we anticipate further successes going forward, thanks to the positive development in inhalation medications – particularly in the generic segment.