In the competition between brands, every product must attract attention on the supermarket shelf in order to convince shoppers to buy it. Peter Kerkhofs, who is responsible for the packaging of Home & Personal Care products at Constantia Flexibles, knows what matters here:


Why are design and product quality so important, for example with Home & Personal Care products, when it is actually the contents that matter?

Both reflect the image of the respective brand. The product distinguishes itself from the competition through the quality of the design and the printing. This is more important now than ever since there are numerous competing products in almost every product group.


In other words, design and printing are responsible for making visual contact with the desired buyer. Is that also a form of communication?

Yes, this connection between the product and the expectations of the buyer can be further intensified through innovative special effects. This includes, for example, matt or pearlescent effects, a metallic look or – to name a very different examples – microencapsulated scents or aromas. These aromas are released by rubbing the ink field. As a final example, there are also thermochromic inks that change depending on the temperature. In summary, one can definitely say: We create “eye-catchers” on the supermarket shelf!


Do you have a specific example of this from the supermarket shelf?

A leading manufacturer of home and body care products needed a transparent standing pouch. The special requirement lay in placing two complete graphics on the rear of the packaging. One graphic was to be situated on the outside and was visible from the outside. The second graphic was to be situated on the inside and be visible through the transparent filling of the packaging, as if looking into an aquarium. This request was a great challenge for the printing process. We therefore modified the original design and decided to print exclusively on the rear of the web. As a result, the entire printed material is protected on the one side by the web and on the other by the sealing. Finally, the design was adapted to the colors available on our printing machine.