As envisioned by King Mohamed VI and the national government, Morocco should become an emerging country with diversified industry and a competitive service sector. IMS Health may not count the Moroccan pharma market among the 21 “pharmerging” countries, but the country on the Mediterranean and the Atlantic offers great potential with regard to the pharmaceutical industry.

This is due to a population of 35 million, stable economic growth and a middle class that aspires to a greater quality of life. The Moroccan pharmaceutical industry holds second place in Africa. With almost 40 laboratories, 32 industry facilities and over 11,000 pharmacies, the domestic pharmaceutical industry covers roughly 70 percent of the country’s demand. Seven to eight percent of domestic production is exported, primarily to countries south of the Sahara. However: The industry is going through a difficult phase resulting from price reductions on roughly 2,000 medications during the last three years. Despite a volume increase of 1.2 percent in 2014, the value of the products declined by a total of 2.7 percent. The Pharma Division of Constantia Flexibles covers a large portion of the demand of the Moroccan pharmaceutical industry, primarily with blister lidding foils, coldform foils and multilayer laminates with Paper or PET outer layers. This success is the result of the well-known approach taken by the employees of Constantia Flexibles: close and trustworthy cooperation with local partners.