Through close and intensive dialog with our customers, we know what they would like from us. This includes new products, technical solutions and consulting services. A wish for more intensive support in the technical area in particular has also existed for some time.

This will now become a reality with Technical Key Account Management, or TKAM for short. The TKAM will support the Key Account Manager in technical matters – this applies in both externally with our customers and internally within Constantia Flexibles. The TKAM will ensure broader access to the competences embedded throughout the entire Constantia Flexibles Group as well as to knowledge about market trends and product developments.


Two new leadership functions have been created for this purpose: “Head of Innovation Blister” and “Head of Innovation Laminate”. Their work will focus on the development of innovative customer solutions. They will also be able to rely on a team of excellent development engineers in the Product Excellence Centers (Please read more about it in the article below). The Product Excellence Center Blister is located at Constantia Patz in Natschbach- Loipersbach, Austria, and the Product Excellence Center Laminate at Constantia Tobepal in Logroño, Spain.