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A reason to celebrate: The Product Excellence Center – PEC for short – with a focus on blister packaging was dedicated at the Constantia Patz site.


This new center will connect the already existing Competence Centers of Aluminum and Films even more strongly with Pharma application engineering and product development. In addition, the PEC Blister will also cooperate with external institutions and act as a backbone for the area of application engineering. With regard to everyday work, this means that our push projects will be implemented and pull projects supported here. It goes without saying that the focus is on the further development of coldform foil products. Additional services will also be established in the future. One example is simulations of processing methods – in particular the shaping of coldform foil with designed forming plugs. Another is our unique market leading service where we can take a customer’s tablet / capsule drawing, design the optimal Blister cavity and provide the customer a digitally printed full scale prototype or even a punch of blisters made from the Constantia Coldform material of choice, greatly improving the customer’s packaging design process.