The new all-in-one primer has taken its first steps onto the market. In addition, our standard blister lidding foil has received a child-resistance upgrade.


It is well known that aluminum by its nature does not absorb a drop of printing ink, which means that it is necessary to apply a primer before the actual printing process in order for the ink to take hold. On average, this layer is 1-2 μm thick. “With our new all-in-one primer, it is possible to achieve first-class ink adhesion with diverse printing systems,” says Stefan Frischmann, Product Manager CONSTANTIA Blister in the Pharma Division of Constantia Flexibles, explaining the advantage of the all-in-one primer. This primer can receive every ink typically available on the market with a wide range of contact and curing times. There is no loss in the quality of image reproduction – quite the contrary: the all-in-one primer “gleams” with excellent image clarity. It was developed primarily for the inline and offline printing systems used in the Pharma market as well as for gravure printing and flexoprinting on our machines. Plus: Initial customer feedback is very good!


Standard blister lidding foil: Child-resistant with CONSTANTIA Upgraded

The standard blister lidding foil of Constantia Flexibles has received an important upgrade: a child-resistant solution for pushing out tablets. We have achieved this with an additional PET (6 μm) or paper (35 μm) layer on the outside. The sealing side remains unchanged from our standard lidding foil. This allows for shorter approval processes because additional stability tests are not necessary. These child-resistance solutions offer the great advantage of fulfilling worldwide statutory requirements for the child-resistant of blisters. Their printing properties – inline and offline – are also excellent, as you’d expect of Constantia Flexibles. “The goal was to develop a child-resistant solution that can be put to use by our customers as quickly as possible, and I am convinced we’ve succeeded,” says Stefan Frischmann, Product Manager CONSTANTIA Blister of the Pharma Division of Constantia Flexibles. For more information about the all-in-one primer and the child-resistant lidding foil, please contact Stefan Frischmann: Stefan.Frischmann(at)