Innovations in the Pharma Division of Constantia Flexibles are answers to very practical challenges. We would like to present two current examples here: CONSTANTIA Child Resistant F1 and the new packaging for Bravecto, a chewable tablet for dogs.

Children must be protected from the unintended consumption of medications – no question. At the same time, however, hard-to-open packages also make it difficult for the elderly to take their medications. The experts in the Pharma Division of Constantia Flexibles have therefore thought up something quite new: the CONSTANTIA Child Resistant F1. This innovation strikes a balance between safety for children and simpler handling for seniors. With a concept based on a water-soluble layer, the CONSTANTIA Child Resistant F1 achieves the highest level of child safety and is even "bite-proof". Nevertheless, it can be opened without great effort: A separated blister cavity is simply placed in water, and after the required time the paper/PET layer can be pulled off and the tablet pressed out through the aluminum – a process that is easy to perform, even for seniors.

In another project, speed was called for in addition to innovation. The product here was Bravecto from MSD-Intervet, a chewable tablet for dogs that provides twelve weeks of protection against ticks and fleas. The chewable tablet is available in various dosages for dogs of different sizes. At the request of MSD-Intervet, a new lidding foil was to be delivered in just a few months, and cost savings were also required. Admittedly, this was a challenge even for the experienced experts of Constantia Flexibles. Clear specifications were also established regarding the general characteristics: the lidding foil was to be paper-free, completely white, printable inline with the existing Hapa system, while satisfying the required peeling properties when sealed to the coldform foil. This  CFF laminate - which came in addition to the lidding foil - also had to meet precisely defined sealing and density values. It was additionally important for the coldform foil to have the same deep-drawing properties as the previously used  laminate since MSD-Intervet wanted to continue using the existing blister machine without modifications. The first trials with lidding  and coldform foil  were carried out in the fall of 2014. However: the printing result did not meet the high standards of the team of employees from MSD-Intervet and Constantia Flexibles. This was due to a compatibility issue between the printed ink and the lidding foil. Working closely with Hapa, we adapted the lacquer and achieved the desired result for MSD-Intervet. Finally the official order came. Since August of this year, the chewable tablets of the brand Bravecto from MSD-Intervet have been delivered in custom-made films from Constantia Flexibles and ideas are already being explored for additional forms of this successful cooperation.