The German pharmaceuticals market is a very important and large market – with sales of 33.7 billion euros, it is the fourth-largest in the world after the USA, Japan and China. The companies here tend toward small and medium enterprises, as can be seen in a quick look at the data from the Federal Statistical Office of Germany. The numbers for the year 2012 show more than 800 pharmaceutical companies. However, these manufacturers still differ greatly in size: Over 70 percent of the companies employ less than 100 employees, and only seven percent of the pharmaceutical companies have over 500 employees. In the year 2013, the market’s 110,000 employees produced pharmaceutical products valued at roughly 29 billion euros, which was an increase of 4.8 percent over 2012.

Germany holds the leading position in Europe – measured by sales – followed by France and Italy. The market research institute, IMS Health, expects an annual pharmaceuticals market growth for the five EU Member States with the highest sales of 1.9 percent in the five year period of 2014 – 2018. Spending on medications as a share of the services of statutory health funds in Germany amounted to only 16 percent of total expenditures of 195 billion euros. Prescription medications account for roughly 80 percent of pharmaceuticals sales in Germany. The area of self-medication with non-prescription drugs still makes up a significant portion at roughly 13 percent of total drug sales in Germany, or 6.1 billion euros.

The German pharmaceuticals market is by far the largest and most important sales market for the Pharma division of Constantia Flexibles with a share of over 15 percent in the total sales of the division. Altogether, the Constantia Flexibles Pharma division supplies over 200 customers in the German market. The customers range from multinational groups to family-run or owner-run medium-sized pharmaceutical companies. From Constantia Flexibles´ perspective, it is particularly pleasing that we hold the leading position in the market segment of printed blister films in Germany. This is thanks to the excellent delivery reliability, the very high quality and the focused competence of the production plants. Constantia Flexibles is perfectly positioned to meet and exceed the diverse range of customer requirements thanks to its Pharma production network with the locations Constantia Fromm (specialising in small to medium lot sizes of printed packaging foil), Constantia Patz (main plant for coldform and blister foil), Constantia Weiden (backup for Patz, main plant for contact lens laminates and child-safe/senior-friendly blister foil, main plant for blister foil with two-sided printing) and Constantia Tobepal (main plant for sachet, strip and stick pack laminates).