Meet Steve Bowden, Regional Vice President of Labels NAM

Name: Steve Bowden

Location: Mason, Ohio, NAM Headquarters

Current Position: Regional Vice President Labels NAM

How long have you been with the company?  I just started September 6th.

What does your typical day involve? Right now there is no typical day.  I am on a steep learning curve.  My focus right now is to listen, learn, and take a deep dive into the business model and the strategic direction.  That will help define where I can add value and support the team.  But this is what I like, what I thrive on.  I am really enjoying meeting the employees, customers, and suppliers as I learn more about Constantia and this industry.  

What do you like best about your job?  The most important things to me in any job are:  The things that are important to me in any professional role are;  (1) To be surrounded by good people that have a passion to win and an attitude of success.  (2)  A place that allows me to contribute and make and impact (3) a place where I can have fun at building a team.  And I think these are things everyone seeks in a job or a company.  I have been fortunate enough to experience what it’s like when all these things come together. It’s extraordinary.  

How did you get started in this industry? I have worked for two companies over the last 30 years.  All of that in the packaging industry.  28 years at International Paper in the consumer packaging business and xpedx (A Division of IP).  In the consumer packaging business the focus was on paper based substrates manufactured and sold into commercial printing, folding carton converters, tobacco industry, beverage packaging, and label converters.  In xpedx, we distributed paper, and packaging supplies as well as printing presses and equipment to printers and converters of all kinds, including the label industry.  Coming to Constantia, feels natural to me.  And I have enjoyed my first month.  

What are your favorite sports or pastimes? I have three daughters.  So that is certainly one focus.  But, from a sports standpoint, I like the outdoors.  I am a bicyclists.  I ride a road bike mostly, but some mountain biking. I am a scuba diver and I do some Alpine climbing.   

Do you have a favorite sports team that you root for? Auburn University.  I graduated from there, met my wife there, and my oldest daughter and sister went there as well.  But now I have two daughters at the University of South Carolina.  So, since I am now an investor there, I have a reason to root for them as well.  What would people be surprised to know about you? I was born in Virginia and grew up in Alabama.  

What is your favorite band, movie, or book? Picking a favorite band, movie, or book is a difficult task for me.  My taste are so varied.  Music from classical to jazz to alternative.  I do like to read.  But I almost never read fiction.  I love to read biographies and historical books.  The stuff that defines our culture.  

What was your favorite holiday/vacation? I am torn between the beach and the mountains.  But I have to say one of the most memorable vacations with my family was to the barrier islands off the coast of Belize.  My daughters had their scuba certification dive on that trip and I got a chance to dive the Blue Hole.  Just an awesome family time.  

What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received? Focus on the people and the team.  If you get that right, the rest will happen.