Meet Louis Ahern, Customer Service Representative - Cwmbran, Wales

Name: Louise Ahern

Location: Cwmbran, Wales

Current Position: Customer Service Representative

How long have you been with the company? 16 years

Charity: Age Connect Torfaen

What motivated you to do the Triathlon? I watched my running friends participate last year and loved it, only obstacle was the swim, I never learned to swim when I was younger. So I had lessons from friends and a master class for beginners.

Was this the first Triathlon you have done for charity? Yes, first triathlon, as an added bonus decided to raise some money for a local charity already supported by spear Constantia.

What is the name of your charity and what connection do you have with them? Age Connect Torfaen, Constantia Spear is their sponsor for this year. 

Do you raise money for the same charity every time? Or do you change your charities? I would change charities if I decide to raise sponsorship for anything  

Can you give me some back ground of the Triathlon?  (A)How long it took?  (B) Where you started from and where it ended?

I completed the triathlon in 2 hours and 6 minutes. Please see below a break down:

•Swim 17 minutes (400 meters)

•Bike 1 hour 1 minute (21km)

•Run 40 minutes (5km) (THE REST OF THE TIME TRANSITION)

•Stared at Brecon Leisure Centre and finished there.

Do you have any future plans to take part in any more charity events? If yes please let us know. Not yet, I will inform you if anything comes up thought the year.

How much did you raise? I raised £140