Lidding Foil for Blister Packaging.

Economic blister lidding foil for PVC-blister with lower barrier requirements.



  • For all products which do not require the protection of a standard blister lidding foil
  • 23% lighter than 20 µm blister lidding foil (48 g/m² vs. 62 g/m²)
  • Significant lower influence of the LME-raw material price fluctuations of aluminum (40% to 90%)
  • Identical sealing layer as standard blister lidding foil
  • MVTR barrier much more positive than PVC/PVdC (five times better)
  • Optical and technical barrier – very good with UV- printing inline, generally good printability
  • Use of pre-heating: approximately same efficiency blister per minute
  • Sustainable solution with renewable raw material paper and 5 g/m² heat seal laquer instead of 7 g/m² (compared to standard blister lidding foil)


Download CONSTANTIA Blister Eco Flyer