Constantia Business Services (Poland)


Constantia Business Services GmbH in Poland is one of only three entities in Europe, which provides services for the Constantia Flexibles Group. The main field of work consists of finance, personnel accounting and IT services.


Alongside the headquarters in Vienna, Constantia Business Services serves a variety of plants and sales offices. A team of cross-border employees assures the fulfilment of all service tasks within the group.



3 sites: Austria (Weinburg), Germany (Weiden), Poland (Krakow)

Employees (2018): approx. 160

Service ratio (2018):

  • Finance: 60% of all revenues within the CFlex-Group
  • IT: Worldwide project implementations, applications, infrastructure and services
  • Personnel Accounting: Focus on AT and GER: Accounting of approx. 3200 employees (FTE)
Constantia Flexibles Poland Holding Sp. Z o.o. Ul. Opolska 114