Who we are
Sim’EDIT Imprimeurs is a leading company in Europe in the labels business since 1986 especially for cans and beverages. We are part of the Labels Division of Constantia Flexibles

What we do
As a specialist of offset and rotogravure printing, we are producing a wide range of labels for our clients
o    Paper cut & stack labels
o    Paper die-cutted labels
o    Film wrap around labels
o    Film cut & stack labels
o    Sleeves

Which industries do we serve?
We supply paper and BOPP labels to global leading companies and local players acting in water, soft drinks, wine & spirits, food or home care markets.

Our services
We offer a one stop shop to our clients, selling all the kind of labels produced across the division. Our impressive network of plants allows us to support our clients in their expansion projects and secure their business by offering them multiple backup options. Our specialists support and assist our clients in their technical projects and provide application support. We also offer prepress services with our integrated Artwork studio, Multi-lingual customer services

Fun fact about our site
Outside of our businesses we also appreciate good food and we are happy to share this French touch with our visitors

Zi de Tournebride - R.D. 65
F-44880 Sautron-Nantes
T +33 2 40 38 00 71
F +33 2 40 38 09 85