H&N Suzhou Packaging Materials Co., Ltd.

Who we are
H&N (Suzhou) Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is a CF Labels and Food plant located in China. The company was established in 1997. It currently employs for about 100 employees.

What we do
Products are various kinds of neck foil labels and Can Lids foils for beer. The company also is a qualified chocolate foil manufacturer. The rotogravure press provides high printing quality. Continues embossing and perforation gives the products constant and smooth machineability in the labeling machines at the breweries.

Which industries do we serve?
The multinational brewery groups are the customers. Breweries are mainly located in China and South East Asia. We also service the packaging needs of chocolate companies.

Our services
Highly qualified national and international sales and customer service team.
R & D and application support.

Fun fact about our site
The number of pieces of the foils produced by H&N (Suzhou) in a year is roughly 3 pieces per person in China.

No.18, Fada Road, Banqiao, Taicang Economic Zone
Jiangsu, P.R. (215400)
T +86 512 5344 2364
F +86 512 5344 2357