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Alufoil Trophy Winners 2015

Constantia Flexibles Labels Division next generation 8.8my, soft tampered, aluminium neck foil wins the resource efficiency award at Alufoil Trophy 2015

Once again companies from every part of the aluminium foil industry embraced the opportunity presented by the Alufoil Trophy. With the diversity of the 57 entries, the judges had a demanding task but finally selected 12 worthy winners.


In the category Resource Efficiency, Constantia Flexibles Labels Division won the trophy for Chang Beer for its next generation neck foil.

“Constantia Flexibles Labels Division has created a remarkably thin neck foil label for Chang Beer which uses an 8.8my, soft tampered, aluminum foil alloy. This not only offers material savings, but also downstream advantages during the wash process of returnable glass bottles.”  Alufoil Trophy Jury (official press release)



Since the 1990s the thickness of foil has been continually reduced from 13my down to 9.5my. Now Constantia Flexibles Labels Division has further reduced it to 8.8my with Chang Beer’s neck label.

“The Thai Beverage Company takes environmental issues seriously and has developed sustainability programs throughout the value chain….It is our pleasure to be a part of this initiative program with Constantia to pioneer such a sustainability development to the aluminium foil industry” explained Dr. Pisanu Vichiensanth, Director and Executive Vice President-Technology and Engineering.

In addition to material savings of 8% the new neck foil has a positive impact on wastewater used during the returned bottle cleaning process. The thinner foil completely dissolves in the caustic bath, extending the caustic wash efficiency by up to 10%. This leads to lower hydrogen emissions and thus less heat dissipation from the washer.


Head of R&D, Gerd Blecken comments:
“Material efficiency is a fundamental part of our and our customers’ business focus. From a business perspective this Alufoil Trophy emphasizes the importance of sustainability even in a niche market such as aluminum bottle neck foil usage.”


Contact: Jennifer Jones