A number of new trends are emerging across the North Ame­rican market in relation to the unit dose delivery format, including growing demand for stick packs and calls for more support with child resistance packaging.

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly seeking assistance to produce customized child resistant (CR) designs and Constantia Flexibles is well positioned to meet this demand. We recently received the required F1 rating for our 4-ply child resistant coldform laminate and enabled a customer to launch their pro­duct in a blister package rather than a bottle. Our understanding of CR standards and support during the design process helps our customers create formats that best suit their requirements. 

Demand for greater personal convenience and “on-the-go” delivery formats has helped boost interest in stick packs. They extend the product life cycle of mature products and consumers appreciate the simple tear-off edge. Many of our recent inquiries included requests for CR stick packs and we helped design two new unique opening technologies.

Greater moisture protection is currently another important issue, as companies seek to improve the stability of their products. We’re able to ensure the required shelf life of our customers’ medications by recommending blister, stick pack and pouch specifications that effectively prevent moisture ingress. Packaging that minimizes extractables and leachables is also becoming more sought after due to the development of new pharmaceu­tical molecules.

At Constantia Flexibles we understand support is key, which is why we provide our customers with data-driven packages through our Product Excellence Centers and state-of-the-art Competence Center for polymer films and film laminates and Competence Center for foil laminates.

Contact your local Account Manager to find out how we can revolutionize your next unit dose packaging design.