All-In-One Primer


Constantia Flexibles brought the new all-in-one primer onto the market last year. Today, roughly half a year later, it has successfully passed its “trial phase” and has become a regular part of producing smaller print runs.


“Our goal was to develop an all-in-one primer for small print runs that works with all standard applications and with most of the available UV inks and printing systems,” says Stefan Frischmann. The Head of Technical Support in the Pharma Division of Constantia Flexibles is exceptionally satisfied with the results achieved in regular production: “As planned, the all-in-one primer performs very well with various contact and curing times.” In addition, the quality in image reproduction is in no way impaired. In fact, excellent levels of image definition can be achieved, according to Frischmann. The new primer also ensures exceptionally high scratch resistance and excellent contrasts. 

“The all-in-one primer from Constantia Flexibles is in our opinion the ideal companion for low-volume print runs that call for an ‘all-rounder’. Simply because it offers true flexibility, delivers very good results with all printing technologies and offers outstanding surface quality and adhesion,” says the Head of Technical Support in the Pharma Division. The all-in-one primer is currently produced at two Constantia Flexibles locations in Europe and in future will be produced in the USA as well. In other words, it is readily available worldwide – just like the associated service of Constantia Flexibles.