CONSTANTIA Coldform Resist


Constantia Flexibles had an excellent start in the new year, receiving no less than three “Alufoil Trophies” from the European Aluminum Foil Association. The awards were given in the areas of “Customer Convenience,” “Product Protection” and “Resource Efficiency.”

“We are very proud to be among the winners. This recognition highlights the way in which Constantia Flexibles combines the advantages of aluminum foil with innovative ideas in order to improve existing products,” says CEO Alexander Baumgartner.

The Constantia Blister Eco was awarded in the “Resource Efficiency” category. CONSTANTIA Blister Eco consists of tissue paper lined with a thin aluminum layer, which makes it 23% lighter than standard blister lidding foils. The aluminum content of the product is now only about 40%. In comparison, standard blister lidding foils have an aluminum content of roughly 90%.

Alongside the prize winners, Constantia Flexibles also has two newcomers: CONSTANTIA Coldform Resist and the CONSTANTIA 3D Blister. With CONSTANTIA Coldform Resist, Constantia offers a new laminate on the market that can also withstand very aggressive solvents and products such as ethanol and acetone. It also forms a reliable barrier against moisture, oxygen and other gases. In addition, it is very easy to form and the layer of the laminate can be customized for the respective product. The CONSTANTIA 3D Blister, another new product, is directed primarily at patients who suffer from reduced dexterity due to illness or age. With this new system, the pills are very easy to press out of the packing, even – for the first time – with one hand; and they do not fall easily to the floor. It also allows for better presentation of the Patient Information Leaflet.