Meet Pierre Simoneau - Vice President Sales, Europe

Name:  Pierre Simoneau

Age : 45 years old

Married with twin daughters aged 15.

Location:  Constantia Sim’Edit France

Current Position:  VP Sales EU

How long have you been with the company?  21 Years

What does your typical day involve? 
Organizing, managing and boosting the teams efficiency
Helping the teams to save time
Continuing to search for new prospective markets with existing and new accounts.

What do you like best about your job?
I like working in a team environment where we develop the business whilst boosting team spirit and knowledge

How did you get started in this industry? 
I started working first for Torras paper mill as Sales Area Manager covering the North of France. I then joined Sim’Edit 23 years ago as Sales manager and then got promoted to Sales Director 15 years ago; and now I’m VP sales Europe for Constantia Label division.

What are your favorite sports or pastimes? 
I like spending time with my wife and daughters. I like sailing and fishing whilst spending relaxing time with my family.

Do you have a favorite sports team that you root for? 
I like supporting the 6 Nations tournament and the National French Rugby team remains my favorite sports team.

What was your favorite holiday/vacation?
I enjoy spending time off with my family in Noirmoutier, a little Island close to Nantes but my favorite vacations are when I discover new countries with my family such as Greece, Turkey, and Croatia. I also like the West Coast of the USA.

What was the biggest challenge you've experienced in your career?
Following the fire disaster in Coueron Plant in September 2012, 100% of our customers remained with us, confirming their support and trust in me.
All Simedit team members worked very hard to keep all customers satisfied during that very trying period. This was very tough but a very rewarding and motivating human experience with a positive outcome.