In April, we held our first official Information Forum for a handful of carefully chosen customers/prospects. Our attendees worked in roles varying from Marketing through to Procurement, Packaging and Quality. They were each from companies that are well known in their chosen fields (i.e. Ego Pharmaceuticals, Aesop, McCormick Foods and La Clinica). Gathering this information first then assisted us in forming the content for our session.

From our guest list, we determined that Security solutions, Mosaic technology and Quality systems were going to be of the most relevance and interest to our guests.
We got in touch with a company we’ve recently partnered with called Q-Bid, who specialise in organising and preparing Australian Made products for export to China using China’s largest E-Commerce website as their main platform. They also offer a more advanced security solution to properly protect products entering a country that is notorious for its counterfeiting.

In addition to their visit, we created our own Powerpoint Presentations and Marketing material to support our own in-house Security solutions, as well as a more dramatic introduction to our newly created Mosaic cartons (pics attached).

I’m pleased to report our Information Forum session was a huge success. We sent a follow up survey to our attending guests the next day and received some great compliments in response. Below are just some of the comments we received:

‘All key ideas had interesting topics and items, for me the key items are anti counterfeit packaging that is available and how Pemara can help supply solutions to us.’
Daniel Barron, Packaging Manager, McCormicks

‘Session was informative without being too long or too technical.’
Kay Lee, Packaging Specialist, Ego Pharmaceuticals

‘It was very useful to see the production and quality in process and understand this in detail. The China presentation was also insightful.’
Kate Forbes, General Manager – Products and R&D, Aesop
‘Assuring that we have partnered with a supplier that is as committed to quality as we are. This helps us keep our supply chain local.‘
Rita-Marie, Owner, La Clinica

Due to the success of the event and the fact that some of our invited guests weren’t able to attend, we’ve decided to hold the same session in the next month or two. Sessions of this nature not only assist in building relationships with decision makers but also add value to their activities in the marketplace.