Markets & Strategy


The flexible packaging markets in which we operate offer attractive access to end users, are largely unaffected by economic cycles, have solid growth rates and are characterized by low volatility. Moreover, due to the pace of innovation, the barrier to entry is high, giving rise to long and intensive customer relationships. The growth rates of the flexible packaging markets consistently outpace general economic growth. This applies to both established industrialized countries and emerging markets.


Strategy for Long-term Profitable Growth

The core elements of the Constantia Flexibles strategy for continued profitable growth are as follows:

• Strengthening customer relations with multinational companies
• Consolidation and extension of European market leadership
• Realizing selected growth opportunities in North America
• Expansion in the fastest-growing emerging markets
• Maximization of Group synergy and optimization of operational performance

As a producer of flexible packaging and labels, we operate in a highly attractive market environment. Building on its strong position in Europe, Constantia Flexibles is pursuing a globally oriented and sustainable growth strategy. In the past few years the Group has developed from a regional provider in Europe to a globally active organization with a presence in the most attractive and fastest-growing markets for flexible packaging. The size of the Group and the resulting economies of scale give us a competitive advantage with respect to customer access, purchasing, product development and production. This in turn provides the foundation for further profitable growth. Constantia Flexibles will have an ongoing active role in the international consolidation of the industry.

This will be done on the basis of

• long-standing, close relationships with international corporations and local market leaders
• targeted acquisitions in growth sectors and regions
• established technological know-how
• highly efficient production sites and processes

One of the Constantia Flexibles Group’s big strengths is its huge capacity for innovation.
Products are developed in collaboration with customers and undergo continual, systematic improvement.

Our employees are the foundation of our success. We demand and promote value creation, a customer and growth-oriented outlook, globally oriented ideas and practices and the courage to accept and successfully overcome challenges.